The Idaho Dressage and Eventing Association presents the USDF L-Education Program Part 1:  A Judges Perspective

Session A:  October 7&8, 2017 with instructor Trenna Atkins

Session B:  November 11&12, 2017 with instructor Axel Steiner

Session C:  December 9&10, 2017 with Janet Foy

Les Bois Dressage, Eagle Idaho

Purpose of the Program

To give competitors, trainers, instructors and other interested people greater insight into the evaluative techniques of judging dressage;

To qualify individuals to judge schooling shows;

To meet a requirement to enter the USEF “r” Judge training program;

To provide continuing education of licensed judges and graduates of the L Program.

Important information you need to know:

The L program is broken down into 3 levels of participation:  Participants, Silent Auditors, and Candidates.

Candidates (to be a judge) please visit for your information as you must meet certain qualifications.

Part 1- Participants (Limited to 30)

Tuition:  $750.  Single Session Participants: $275

Sessions A, B and C of Part 1 are designed for participants and silent auditors. Participants are individuals who are current members of USDF and are interested in learning about the judging process. Completion of Part 1, in order, is required for entrance into Part 2.  Participants must complete all three sessions.  You are given optimal seating, access to online material, and you may ask questions and interact with the instructor.  Visit for more information, and to understand the prerequisites for the program. (  

IDEA will try to accommodate single session Participants.  However, priority will be given to Participants signing up for all of Part 1.   Tuition for Part 1 is $750, this includes your lunches.  If you need to break this up into 3 payment please email the coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up a plan.  All payments must be made on time and to the agreement.  Late or missing payments will result in your place in the program being given to another. 

Once USDF receives a copy of the application and verifies your information, you will receive a welcome email with instruction on purchasing access to the L Education website which houses the required course material. Please sign the code of conduct at the bottom of the application form include it with your registration for your registration to be complete.

Refunds will be given prior to the closing date.  After the closing date refunds will be given only if another person is available to take your place less a $25 office/processing fee.  Once the program has begun no refunds will be given.

Please note:  These sessions must be attended in alphabetical order.  If participants miss a session, you need make it up before you can participate in the next session.  For this purpose you may go to another group that offers the missing session.

Single Session Participants fees are $275 per session. You must receive permission from the coordinator before signing up for the program to ensure there is a place for you.  Refunds are given only if another person is available to take your place less a $25 office/processing fee.

Part 1 – Silent Auditors

$75 per session/weekend for IDEA members; $90 per session/weekend non-IDEA member.

Silent auditors do not need to fulfill any prerequisites in order to attend Part 1, other than registration.  Only Participants have access to the course material and have the right to speak to and interact with the instructors. Silent Auditors are to remain silent, however you will be given the opportunity to submit written question that will be answered as time allows. The fees you are paying do include your lunch so refunds will be given out by the closing date for Silent Auditor sign up.   After the closing date Silent Auditors will receive a refund less a $25 office/processing fee.

About the Facility:

Les Bois Dressage is and 80-acre world class facility located in Eagle ID.  We will be using the 20x60 meter heated indoor arena and the classroom located on the property. 

Sign up:   Sign up at Equestrian Entries.

Will IDEA offer Part 2? 

At this time IDEA is not planning to host Part 2 of the L-education program.  Our  Oregon neighbors (ODS) have expressed interest in hosting a Part 2.  If there is enough interest IDEA will consider the option of hosting Part 2.  Please communicate your interest and commitment level with the coordinator. 




Participant Application Here